Over the years Leroy has become much more than just a restaurant or a café – today it represents a way of living; a friendly atmosphere bustling with life, trendy design in addition to outstanding and constant standards of quality. 

It’s fun to be here, great to eat here and so is dropping in for a drink (or two). The extensive variety of cocktails and our world-class selection of drinks cater for every need. For over 10 years Leroy at West End has been a top choice for meeting up in the city, be it for business, a romantic date or going out with the boys for that important football match.  Our selection of food offers the best of both international and Hungarian cuisine.

The weekly offer pampers the taste buds with seasonal specialties. Tradition also plays an important role in our selection: the Leroy Classics such as the Caesar salad, the Spicy chicken wings with chilly and honey, the legendary Beefsteak  or the Brownie have been a favorite with our patrons for over a decade.

Following last year’s extension and refurbishment efforts we are now able to offer an authentic Far-Eastern setting to enjoy our selection of sushi and wok-specialties prepared by our Thai chef in the open kitchen. The Family Sunday featuring clowns and a children’s play area has also proved to be a great success. Whenever you return to Leroy we are certain you will always be able to find something to your liking and you will leave with the feeling that you had sent your time well amongst good friend.